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Blood Pressure Monitors for Home Blood Pressure Readings

The use of digital blood pressure monitors to obtain blood pressure readings can play an important role in achieving blood pressure control. In order to accomplish the goal of improved blood pressure control however, the blood pressure readings must be accurate and performed under different conditions and circumstances which can cause the blood pressure to significantly fluctuate.  


Blood pressure readings in a doctor’s office oftentimes don’t give a true picture of patients’ average blood pressure control because readings in the doctor’s office are oftentimes quite different than readings at home and in other settings such as the workplace. Moreover, a one time blood pressure reading on the day of an office visit it is only a snapshot of a person’s blood pressure control at that particular point in time. 


With the use of digital blood pressure monitors, blood pressure readings can be obtained at different times of the day and night and any significant variations observed can be used by your healthcare provide to make the necessary changes in your treatment to improve your blood pressure control.  

For example, blood pressure readings in most people tend to rise in the early morning hours and peek around noon today.  Therefore, checking blood pressure readings during those times may be the only way that your doctor can know that a change in the dose of timing of your blood pressure medication is necessary to achieve optimal 24-hour blood pressure control.  


It is much easier to perform blood pressure readings with a digital blood pressure monitors than with manual cuff monitors, but in order to obtain accurate blood pressure readings with it necessary that proper technique be followed in using the digital devices. Instructions for using digital monitors are included in the monitor packaging, but it might also be helpful to have your health care provider observe you as you perform initial blood pressure readings with your machine. 


By taking your digital blood pressure monitor to your doctor’s office with you at the time of office visits, not only can you obtain assistance in the proper use of it, but you can also compare your blood pressure readings obtained with it to readings obtained by your doctor, and thus verify the accuracy of the blood pressure readings obtained with your digital monitor.  


Because many digital blood pressure monitors store blood pressure readings in their memory, those readings can be easily accessed by a physician at the time of an office visit.  If a monitor does not possess that capability however, blood pressure readings can be logged on paper or digitally. 


Across the board, digital blood pressure monitors with cuffs for arm measurements provides more accurate blood pressure readings than a low-priced wrist monitors, but the higher-quality wrist monitors provide reliable and accurate blood pressure readings when used properly. Both types of digital blood pressure monitors can be effectively used to help achieve better blood pressure control. 









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