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Weight Reduction with bistroMD Balanced Diet Meals

BistroMD is a meal delivery weight reduction program founded on the precept that food is medicine and when chosen properly can produce healthy weight reduction without stringent food restrictions. Another foundational principle is that dieting should not take the enjoyment out of dining. 


The home delivered gourmet diet meals provided by bistroMD contain 1100 and 1400 calories per day of which 40-50% as protein, 20-25% is fat, and the-35% is from complex carbohydrates. To ensure the proper balance of essential nutrients each entrée contains a balance of vegetables, whole grains and fiber, protein, hydrates, and healthy fats and the proper ratios. 


In keeping with bistroMD's standards of nutritional quality and safety its balanced diet meals consist of food which does not contain fillers, MSG, Trans fats, artificial coloring, added sulfites, nitrites, or the artificial sweetener, aspartame. The company chooses seafood from environmentally responsible sources and acquires hormone free poultry and beef.  

balanced diet meals


The bistroMD meal delivery weight reduction program staff includes a team of registered dietitians to assist you in your weight reduction endeavors by answering questions you might have about losing weight and evaluating each and every entrée and menu to make sure they meet the criteria of a balanced diet and measure up to the bistroMD standard of nutritional value. 


The balanced diet meal program has over 200 delicious recipes to choose from, allowing customization of entrée selections and variety so that healthy eating is not done at the expense of eating enjoyment.  


The food is prepared by gourmet chefs from high quality raw ingredients.  In order to maintain freshness, retain important nutrients and maintain taste the meals are flash frozen then packaged before delivery to customers by FedEx.  


The program was developed in 2005 by Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., a board-certified physician with more than 20 years in the field of weight management. She was motivated to begin the program by her work with her patients in helping them to lose weight, and a mission to help as many as possible improve their health by losing weight. As a weight management expert she has voiced her message of the importance of the proper balance of macronutrients in one’s diet on popular television shows including Dr. Phil, and has the endorsement of notorieties such as Jillian Michaels.  


Like some medicines, the tasty balanced diet food provided by bistroMD need not necessarily require lifelong use, but can be a short-term or intermediate-term weight reduction prescription to help restore a degree of well-being and brain health that provides motivation for lifestyle changes including self-preparation of nutritionally balanced diet meals and exercise. If recidivism or backsliding becomes a problem after successful lifestyle changes, the bistroMD meal delivery weight reduction program can always be resumed at any time for an appropriate period of time. 

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