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Health Insurance Education Audio Pack

Health Insurance Education Audio Pack is a set of audio recordings designed to empower the listener with the necessary facts about health insurance in today’s era of healthcare reform.  They cover a number of topics and focus particularly on aspects of the health-insurance industry which have changed with the advent of the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare). The information contained in these audios supersedes much outdated information from just a few years ago.

Topics covered include, methodically comparing health insurance plans before choosing coverage, how to use a health insurance marketplace (a.k.a. health insurance exchange) platform to compare plans, Affordable Care Act subsidies (a.k.a. premium tax credits), marketplace insurance, the Obamacare individual mandate, the penalty for noncompliance with the Obamacare individual mandate, the metal types of the Obamacare health plans and what they mean, some of the key provisions of Obamacare which protect patients, and some of the reasons many have difficulty paying medical bills despite having health insurance.

Health insurance education is extremely important in this era of healthcare reform because many will have to make decisions about choosing health insurance for the first time, either because of the Affordable-Care-Act mandate to have it, or because employer-provided coverage is not as commonplace as in years past. Although many of the changes of Obamacare make it much more feasible for individuals to make informed decisions in choosing health insurance, those same individuals must take advantage of the resources available for help in making those decisions. One such resource is Health Insurance Education Audio Pack.

Possessing the necessary knowledge about health insurance in today’s climate is extremely important, not only for making good decisions in choosing health insurance, but also for effectively and appropriately utilizing health insurance benefits to optimize the quality of healthcare received.  Only by having a fundamental understanding of health insurance in today’s environment, can one have a proper strategy for utilizing a health plan, even after it is purchased. For example, by knowing the free preventive and wellness services provided by the Obamacare health plans, one is more likely to utilize a pertinent service or services such as screening for heart disease if there is a family history of heart disease.

Health Insurance Education Audio Pack recordings are in an MP3 format and can be listened to in a variety of settings such as while preparing supper for the family, while having breakfast, during a commute, or while in the waiting room of your doctor’s office. The information contained might constitute an initial knowledge base or might be reinforcement of previously read information.  Either way, the information is vital.  

health insurance education audio pack

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