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Online Lab Service - A Public Resource for Ordering Lab Tests Online

A medical lab online service is a proactive health resource that enables an individual to order lab tests online, then privately review and retrieve the lab test results online, usually than 24 to 48 hours after submitting a specimen for testing.  

The first step in using a medical laboratory online service is set up a private online account through which you will select the lab test(s) you would like to have performed. Through that same private online lab account you will make payment, usually with a credit card and generates a laboratory order or requisition to take to a location of your choice where your blood will be drawn or another type of specimen will be collected, depending on the test(s) ordered. 


Once your test results are available they are securely posted and can be accessed confidentially by logging onto your personal online lab account. The online lab test results can then be printed, downloaded to your computer, or imported into your personal health record application if you have one. 


The medical online lab service per se is not the medical laboratory but is a client of a clinical reference laboratory that does the testing. The clinical reference laboratories that perform the testing are usually the same nationwide certified and accredited conglomerates that perform the tests ordered by doctors.  Since clinical reference laboratories will not allow individuals to order tests directly with a verbal request lab test orders must be written and must originate from either a doctor or an online lab service.  The ordering of laboratory tests by an online lab service is legal in all states except New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  


In addition to routine testing online lab services enable the public to order various screening tests, targeted risk assessment tests, STD tests, tests for specific diseases and tests of male and female health as well as others. The information gained from online lab testing services can be valuable in early detection of disease, disease prevention and spread, and identification of disease risk factors.  


The early detection information from the online lab test results can be instrumental in motivating one to overcome procrastination or reluctance to seeing a physician. Detection of STD and appropriate treatment can obviously prevent some devastating complications and disease spread. Identification of risk factors via screening test, particularly by individuals who have not seen a physician, can be instrumental in those persons making the appropriate lifestyle modifications and establishing physician/patient relationships. 


For the uninsured, the cost saving benefit of online lab service is twofold.  First, since a doctor’s order is not required the number of doctor’s office visits can sometimes be reduced.  Secondly, the direct charge for the lab testing ordered through an online lab service is usually less than direct billing for laboratory tests ordered through a doctor’s office. 


To gain a better understanding of various lab tests and what the results mean Lab Tests Online is a website designed for patients and family caregivers that provides valuable information about the many clinical lab tests that are part of routine care as well as diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of conditions and diseases.   

PersonaLabs provides in an online lab service that provides the professional health tests available through a doctor, at a fraction of the cost. Popular tests include:

  • General Health Testing for Men & Women,     
  • Cardiovascular Testing,
  • Allergy Testing,
  • Cancer screenings,
  • And many, many more  

 Heart Test

JustGetTested is a subsidiary of PersonalLabs and provides STD testing and screening. is quick, affordable, convenient, and provides discreet testing at 1700 lab locations. 5% off with coupon code HEALTHY"Don't Worry? Get Tested!"

std testing

Additional STD Testing and Screening Services 




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