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Various products are available to help you become more involved in your healthcare to improve your health and to reduce health costs. The main products available at this time are blood pressure monitors, a blood pressure tracker, a personal health record and test kits.

  • Blood Pressure Monitors for Home Blood Pressure Readings
    The use of digital blood pressure monitors to obtain blood pressure readings can play an important role in achieving blood pressure control.
  • Free Blood Pressure Tracker by Soundtells
    Recording your blood pressure with the date and time and being able to display the recordings via graphs and tables with pertinent text is helpful to most doctors.
  • Personal Health Record
    A personal health record (PHR) is a health record initiated and maintained by an individual. The most practical PHR today is one which is computer-based.
  • Quit Smoking Help
    There is no silver bullet to quit smoking, but acquiring knowledge can help you develp a quit smoking plan and increase the likelihood of success.
  • Test Kits
    Test kits are becoming increasingly popular because they are convenient and economical compared to traditional laboratory testing.
  • Weight Loss Resources
    Many resources are available to assist individuals who sincerely want to lose weight. Successful weight loss requires lifestyle modification.




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