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Below are outstanding product, service and website resources for patient empowerment and  patient engagement. 

  • Health Insurance Education Audio Pack
    Health Insurance Education Audio Pack is a set of audio recordings designed to empower the listener with the necessary facts about health insurance in today’s era of healthcare reform.
  • Virtual Doctor Pain Description Blueprint for Patient Engagement
    Virtual Doctor Pain Description Blueprint is a patient-engagement psin assessment-and-documentation tool which enables patients to accurately describe pain in a way that is meaningful to physicians.
  • Products
    Various products are available to help you become more involved in your healthcare to improve your health and to reduce health costs.
  • Services
    Valuable services include laboratory tests, nutritional support, a premier online health insurance source, online pharmacies, and a reliable resource to rate doctors, hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Web Sites
    Adding a list of useful web sites and be a quick and easy way of generating a content rich page that will be useful to visitors, but that should also rank well in the search engines if the sites are appropriate and the descriptions you enter for the sites make use of your chosen keywords and phrases.





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