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Test Kits Articles

Test kits are now popular because they are convenience, private, cost-effective, quick and accurate. They can be used for home drug testing, STD testing, paternity testing, and testing for a variety of other conditions and reasons. Reading informative articles is one of the best ways to learn how to reap the benefits of these devices.

  • Home Test Kits 101 – How to Choose a Reliable Test Kit
    Home test kits are becoming increasingly popular because they offer some advantages over traditional laboratory testing, but before choosing a kit is important to make sure that the one you select yields accurate and reliable test results.
  • 8 Tips on How Home Test Kits Can Benefit You
    Home test kits should not be totally relied upon as a substitute for a CLIA approved laboratory, but in certain settings they provide advantages over traditional laboratory testing. These advantages can reduce healthcare costs, provide peace of mind and be instrumental in improving health and improving healthcare.
  • TobacAlert Nicotine Test Kit as Motivation to Quit Smoking and not Relapse
    The information provided by the TobacAlert nicotine test kit can be a potential incentive for one to quit smoking and to avoid relapse once smoking cessation has been achieved.
  • Qualitative Nicotine Test Kits Compared
    There are similarities and some important differences between quantitative nicotine test kits which test urine versus saliva. Here is a comparison.

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