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Test Kits

Home and professional test kits are becoming increasingly popular because they are convenient and economical compared with traditional laboratory testing.

The test kits can be ordered online and are shipped to the customer. Depending on the type of test being performed, a urine, hair, saliva or blood is collected in the privacy of one's own home or in the workplace, and depending on the complexity of the methodology, the test is performed and interpreted by the user or the specimen is mailed to a reference laboratory which analyzes it and interprets the test result which is then mailed to the customer unless other arrangements have been made regarding notification.   

With recent advances in technology the accuracy of the kits has improved greatly and the number of types of kits available has increased.  There are now kits for diagnosing HIV infection, other STD, hepatitis C and other diseases of which early detection is important.  Early Disease Detection Can Save Your Life! Test Now.

There also are kits for determining paternity, pregnancy, menopause and exposure to environmental toxins such as asbestos, radon gas, lead and other heavy metals.

Environment hazards in the home are oftentimes overlooked and not investigated because the health risks associated with them are not emphasized in medical training programs and because many health insurance companies do not cover routine testing for those exposures. Another health hazard which is oftentimes overlooked is contaminated drinking water but thankfully, there are water testing kits which can detect bacteria, heavy metals like lead, hazardous chemicals petroleum products, industrial chemicals and pesticides which have been found in the drinking water of certain locales.

test kits

TestCountry was founded in 2001 to provide consumers with direct-to-patient technology-based solutions to address what has been one of the pressing issues in healthcare; the inability of patients to obtain fast, convenient and confidential information pertaining to laboratory testing.

Test Country is your test kit superstore which provides all of the aforementioned types of test kits, including water test kits, most notably the Complete Home Water Analysis Kit which is the most affordable & reliable comprehensive "all-in-one" home drinking water test kit on the market.  

drug testing kits

Because of the drug epidemic in our society, drug testing kits are among the more popular provided by Test Country. Many of the test kits are CLIA-waived, FDA cleared or FDA approved which attests to their quality and accuracy. 

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