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List Of Recommended Web Site Resources

Websites which provide free health information are always welcomed, particularly if the information provided can help individuals in need obtain medical care that might not otherwise be obtainable due to financial insufficiency and rising health-care costs. Thanks to the generosity of sponsors, two types of critically important websites to ease the pain of healthcare inflation do exist. 

One such type of website is that which provides individuals with contact information regarding clinical medical research trials, which can be a source of obtaining quality medical care and needed medications during the clinical trial. Contact information on the websites can be viewed by the interested parties and used to determine eligibility and whether not a particular trial site is available in a desired geographical location.

Another important type of site is that which provides contact information regarding patient prescription drug assistance programs which can be another immense benefit in providing individuals with much-needed medications if they have difficulty buying those medications due to lack of insurance and/or limited income.

The following links provide will take you to link pages of the respective websites.



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