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Weight Loss Resources

Many resources are available to assist individuals who sincerely want to lose weight. Regardless of the weight loss method(s) selected, weight loss is not simply choosing a silver bullet but is all about modifying your lifestyle habits to a considerable extent, especially if you want to maintain the weight loss once it is achieved. 


According to a National Health and Nutrition Examination conducted in 2004 a whopping two thirds of adults in the United States were overweight and nearly one third of the participants surveyed could be classified as clinically obese. Obesity not only has a social stigma attached to it, but carries with it real and considerable health and economic consequences. 


Although it is not appropriate to draw a assign a relationship, obesity is associated with a number of disease states including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep apnea, other respiratory problems and some forms of cancer to mention a few. 


The cornerstone of effective weight loss programs is the appropriate integration of a balanced calorie restricted diet with exercise. A variety of diet plans are on the market, some which are very effective and safe and some which should be approached with caution or avoided altogether. Regardless of which weight loss diet you select, it is important to learn as much about it as possible before beginning it. You should also discuss your dietary plans with your health care professional prior to beginning a weight loss diet and if any health concerns develop after starting the diet plan, particularly if you have pre-existing health problems. 


Well-written authoritative articles and eBooks which can be downloaded from the Internet are excellent sources of information about various diet plans and weight loss programs in general. A carefully selected weight loss e-Book or other online education resource can also provide information that can help you decide on a comprehensive weight loss program, considering your health history, previous attempts at losing weight and motivational considerations.  


Because motivation and termination are oftentimes lacking in individuals wanting to lose weight, there is oftentimes a tendency to lean toward pills and bariatric surgery as panaceas. Although both can be effective in achieving weight loss in some individuals they both provide unnatural means of weight loss and can have associated complications. Because of the possible complications, both approaches should be reserved for individuals who are dangerously obese. 


Weight loss surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, includes a number of different operations which decrease the size of the stomach or change other aspects of the gastrointestinal tract so that the amount of calories normally absorbed from eating is reduced. Before selecting bariatric surgery as a method of losing weight you should definitely consult with your doctor make sure that you are referred to a qualified bariatric surgeon with a good track record. 


Weight loss drugs are another means of accomplishing unnatural weight loss. There are basically three FDA approved prescription weight loss drugs on the market today, two of which work by suppressing the appetite, and the other by blocking fat absorption from the gastrointestinal tract.  


The fat blocker known by the trade name Xenical also can be acquired over the counter as Ali. Both are effective in some individuals but can be associated with unpleasant side effects if fat in the diet is not restricted. A downside to the use of fat blockers is that they can also reduce the absorption of other needed nutrients.  


The prescription appetite suppressants are known under the brand-name and generic names of Meridia and Phentermine respectively. Both reduce hunger but are not for long-term use. Meridia should not be used by individuals with risk factors for heart disease, and can cause dry mouth constipation and difficulty sleeping as side effects. 


Phentermine, formerly a part of the frame the Fen/Phen combination weight loss drug is the cheapest prescription weight loss drug and has been around the longest, but can also cause side effects of difficulty sleeping, increased blood pressure, irritability, nervousness and depression.  


There also a variety of over-the-counter weight loss supplements reporting wonderful claims of effectiveness, but the truth of the matter is these products have not been subjected to the rigorous FDA approval standards necessary to confirm either their effectiveness or their safety. Cautions should be exercised in selecting one of these weight loss methods. Many are marketed as natural products, but the fact that a product is natural does not guarantee that it is safe. 


The time-honored natural way of boosting your body's metabolism is through exercise. Aerobic exercise such as brisk walking and jogging is of moderate intensity exercise sustained for extended periods of time, whereas anaerobic exercise such as weight-lifting is high intensity exercise which is not sustained for extended periods of time. Because aerobic exercising involves significantly greater fat burning than anaerobic exercising more immediate weight loss is achieved with a former. Anaerobic exercise on the other hand, by increasing muscle mass increases the body’s metabolism and thus can be beneficial in maintaining weight loss once it occurs.  


Because of the importance of the integration of calorie restriction and an ideal weight loss program would involve nutritionist and/or dietician and an exercise trainer, but because many individuals cannot afford those expenses, reasonable alternatives would be using a weight loss calculator for planning both a weight loss diet and exercise program. An exercise program can be derived from online resources then reviewed with your doctor prior to beginning the exercise regimen.  


A successful weight loss program involves not just losing weight but maintaining the weight loss once it has occurred. In order to have success in losing weight it is necessary to have a means of remaining motivated and determined to reach your goals and not regain the weight. Surrounding yourself with disciplined encouraging people who are supportive of your needs can be vital to your success by keeping your motivated and determined, as can participation in one or more of the online weight loss forums, particularly if you do not have the support structure among family and friends. 


Another motivating tool to help optimize the success of your weight loss program is a record of your efforts and results. Reviewing the recorded data from time to time not only helps you make the necessary adjustments to optimize your success, but it also provides positive feedback and encouragement when favorable results are reviewed. The use of a local computer-based personal health record software program is an excellent way of keeping a record of your weight loss endeavors because the information will be readily retrievable in the form of reports and tracking grafts which can be reviewed by both you and your healthcare provider.

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