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  • Proactive Health Outlet is a patient-empowerment website, which provides resources for increasing health literacy and patient engagement.
  • Simply Health articles are health-related articles dealing with various health topics. They can serve as a foundation for acquiring basic knowledge necessary for patient involvement in health care.
  • Healthcare articles are a valuable patient-empowerment resource for acquiring knowledge and foreknowledge of the issues related to the healthcare industry and patient engagement.
  • Communication in healthcare is the exchange of information between doctor and patient for evaluating a patient's health, diagnosing a health condition(s) and treating a health condition(s).
  • These health insurance articles contain some of the up-to-date information which is so vital to the healthcare consumer in choosing health insurance.
  • Comparing health insurance plans is a very important aspect of the due diligence which should be undertaken prior to choosing health insurance.
  • There are four basic types of health insurance from an operational standpoint, but with the advent of healthcare reform, their prevalence, popularity, and fates differ.
  • Despite having health insurance, many Americans still experience difficulty paying medical bills primarily due to excessive out-of-pocket expenses and uncovered services.
  • Knowledge based on the 5W’s of marketplace health insurance should serve as a reliable foundation for understanding health insurance which meets the qualifications of the Obama health plan.
  • Although Obamacare insurance plans must provide the essential health benefits required by the Affordable Care Act, there are significant differences between plans, designated by metal levels.
  • In shedding light on the Obamacare individual mandate, what, who and when questions need to be answered.
  • By applying the KISS principle, Affordable-Care-Act subsidies, also known as premium tax credits, can be easily understood, easily calculated, and easily obtained.
  • In addition to making health insurance more affordable for most Americans, the Affordable Care Act also contains key provisions for protecting patients.
  • A premier online health insurance agency provides a faster more efficient method of finding the best affordable health insurance than the traditional paper application and multiple telephone call process.
  • Health-related articles on high blood pressure are particularly relevant with respect to increasing health literacy and promoting patient engagement.
  • The two blood pressure numbers obtained when a BP reading is taken, represent important life-sustaining events, which although minute in time, are enormous in their effects.
  • The two blood pressure numbers obtained when a BP reading is taken conveys significant information about hypertension (i.e. high blood pressure) in relationship to the past, present and future.
  • Ideal blood pressure is that which is normal and/or associated with better health outcomes, and yet not too low. It depends on one’s state of health, and varies with age and coexisting illness(s).
  • Because of the seasonality of hypertension or the tendency for significant BP changes to occur with changes in seasons, it is wise to own and make frequent use of a home blood pressure monitor.
  • Home blood pressure monitoring provides a more reliable representation of one's true arterial pressure and is a better predictor of damage to the blood vessels and related organs caused by elevated pressure than in-the- office blood pressure measurements.
  • Normal blood pressure is a reading of less than 120/80 but greater than 90/60. Hypertension is defined as a reading of 140/90 or greater, and hypotension is defined as a reading of 90/60 or less.
  • In choosing a blood pressure monitor the accuracy and reliability of the readings should be the primary emphasis with ease of use being a secondary but important concern.
  • A home blood pressure monitor is essential for virtually any weight loss program because the primary weight loss methods can have significant effects on blood pressure.
  • Because the accuracy of herpes blood tests and the atypical or non-existent symptoms herpes testing of blood is the most common and reliable means of indentifying the disease.
  • Herpes testing with herpes blood tests can answer many of the puzzling questions and concerns following the onset of signs and symptoms of genital herpes.
  • A medical online lab service is an Internet-based intermediary which allows individuals to order and obtain lab test results online. Because of usability and cost savings, online lab services are becoming more popular.
  • Although the use of antivirus software is analogous to STI screening the thinking in regard to both issues is different but should not be.
  • The difference between sexually transmitted disease (STD) and sexually transmitted infection (STI) has implications with respect to where STI screening tests are ordered and the cost of the tests.
  • Buying via an online pharmacy is convenient, economical and efficient. In times of crises it can also be a safer means of obtaining prescription medications.
  • Safety concerns regarding buying prescription medications online pharmacy revolve around issues regarding your personal health, the legality of transactions, and protection of your personal information.
  • A personal health record (PHR) is a computer-based software application that allows you to store a variety of personal health information including illnesses, hospitalizations, encounters (i.e. visits and communications), journal information in between doctor visits, medications, allergies, immunizations, surgeries, lab results, and family history.
  • A digital personal health record (PHR) is a computer-based software application that allows you to store a variety of personal health information including illnesses, hospitalizations, encounters (i.e. visits and communications), journal information in between doctor visits, medications, allergies, immunizations, surgeries, lab results, and family history. Owning and maintaining an up-to-date digital personal health record has many benefits and is the cornerstone of proactive healthcare involvement and better healthcare experiences.
  • The preparation phase of filing for health insurance is an excellent time to implement a personal health record (PHR) because you can proverbially kill two birds with one stone.
  • Implementing a personal health record (PHR) entails gathering as much information about your past and current health and organizing it in such a way that it can be easily retrievable and reproducible for circumstances that might require its use.
  • Utilizing a personal health record can reduce healthcare expenses because much of the cost involved in providing healthcare and spent for the generation of information necessary to diagnose and appropriately treat.
  • Proactive health is the health improvement resulting from self-help actions to improve health. It is the result of disease prevention, early detection of disease and improved healthcare.
  • Because of the health and economic burdens that smoking placement on society there is a tremendous need for information on how to quit smoking.
  • Observable and measurable instant and intermediate health benefits can be used as motivation to quit smoking and prevent relapse.
  • There are many things you can do in planning and engaging in an attempt to quit smoking which will increase the likelihood of your effort being successful.
  • The health hazards of exposure to secondhand smoke are well recognized by experts in the healthcare field, for which reason your degree of exposure should be determined and appropriately acted upon.
  • There are many things you can do while planning and implementing a quit smoking program which will increase the likelihood of your endeavor being successful.
  • Newly released scientific research data is compelling evidence that individuals who smoke have shorter lifespans and individuals who quit smoking add years to their lives.
  • Test kits are now popular because they are convenience, private, cost-effective, quick and accurate. They can be used for home drug testing, STD testing, paternity testing, and testing for a variety of other conditions and reasons. Reading informative articles is one of the best ways to learn how to reap the benefits of these devices.
  • Home test kits are becoming increasingly popular because they offer some advantages over traditional laboratory testing, but before choosing a kit is important to make sure that the one you select yields accurate and reliable test results.
  • Home test kits should not be totally relied upon as a substitute for a CLIA approved laboratory, but in certain settings they provide advantages over traditional laboratory testing. These advantages can reduce healthcare costs, provide peace of mind and be instrumental in improving health and improving healthcare.
  • The information provided by the TobacAlert nicotine test kit can be a potential incentive for one to quit smoking and to avoid relapse once smoking cessation has been achieved.
  • There are similarities and some important differences between quantitative nicotine test kits which test urine versus saliva. Here is a comparison.
  • Discovering and comparing similarities and differences between quantitative nicotine test kits is an important step before making a buying decision.
  • The articles below provide vital information pertaining to implementing a weight loss program and maintaining the weight loss to achieve a healthier and happier life.
  • There is a wide variety of weight loss drugs on the market today but that does not mean you can throw in the towel on diet and exercise.
  • Before deciding to try any weight loss products make sure you do your research to determine their effectiveness and safety.
  • weight loss programs weight loss program
  • A weight loss meal plan which includes home delivered meals might be the key to the success of your weight loss program.
  • It is vitally important that a successful weight reduction diet include the necessary balanced nutrients which promote optimal brain health in addition to nutrition for other parts of the body.
  • A phenomenon recognized as the obesity paradox might change the paradigm of weight management and weight-loss strategies in the future.
  • Calculating BMI is a mathematical process of categorizing your weight according to your height. The calculation can be made manually or via an automated method.
  • A basic BMI calculator for men and women calculates BMI the same for both. If it also calculates lean body mass, male or female needs to be entered to allow for the gender difference.
  • In 36 states there is a private-health-insurance-exchange alternative to the website for comparing health insurance plans and purchasing marketplace health insurance.
  • Below are outstanding product, service and website resources for patient empowerment and patient engagement.
  • Health Insurance Education Audio Pack is a set of audio recordings designed to empower the listener with the necessary facts about health insurance in today’s era of healthcare reform.
  • Virtual Doctor Pain Description Blueprint is a patient-engagement psin assessment-and-documentation tool which enables patients to accurately describe pain in a way that is meaningful to physicians.
  • Various products are available to help you become more involved in your healthcare to improve your health and to reduce health costs.
  • Recording your blood pressure with the date and time and being able to display the recordings via graphs and tables with pertinent text is helpful to most doctors.
  • A personal health record (PHR) is a health record initiated and maintained by an individual. The most practical PHR today is one which is computer-based.
  • There is no silver bullet to quit smoking, but acquiring knowledge can help you develp a quit smoking plan and increase the likelihood of success.
  • This stop smoking e-book is designed to prepare you physically and mentally for one of the most important decisions you have made in your life, i.e. the decision to stop smoking.
  • Test kits are becoming increasingly popular because they are convenient and economical compared to traditional laboratory testing.
  • Drug testing is in great demand because substance abuse is a formidable problem in our society. Drug testing kits are an effective solution.
  • Nicotine test kits measure cotinine which is one of many metabolites or byproducts of nicotine. Therefore, the more accurate terminology is cotinine test kits.
  • Many resources are available to assist individuals who sincerely want to lose weight. Successful weight loss requires lifestyle modification.
  • Inside this eBook are the most powerful techniques that I could find anywhere for eliminating excess weight without the use of medication.
  • The Weight Loss Oracle assists dieters in scheduling their weight loss. It is not a diet program in itself but is a useful supplemental resource.
  • There many quality weight loss programs on the marketing. Educating yourself on the differences helps in choosing a plan.
  • Adding a list of useful web sites and be a quick and easy way of generating a content rich page that will be useful to visitors, but that should also rank well in the search engines if the sites are appropriate and the descriptions you enter for the sites make use of your chosen keywords and phrases.
  • Voluntary participation in clinical medical trials can be a means of obtaining quality medical care for individuals who do not have insurance or other means of affording doctors’ visits and medications.
  • Most pharmaceutical have special programs to help patients obtain prescription medications which they cannot afford to purchase.
  • Contact Pages are are great way to engage with your visitors and demonstrate that you are a real person rather than simply an anonymous web site.


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